High End Munich 2016 Thoughts

The single most striking aspect of High End Munich as a first time attendee is the sheer scale of the show. With over 500 manufactures exhibiting it’s incredibly daunting and there is an immediate realisation that it is impossible to absorb everything the show has to offer and that each attendee is likely to leave with different thoughts and impressions.

Sound bars are lowering the bar!

A significant aspect to the success of Audio Excellence has always been to recommend the most appropriate product/system to a client. Factors taken into account include performance expectations, feature requirements, integration into a space and ease of use. To this end, the bulk of our clients who initially requested a sound bar opted for a very different system after having its shortcomings explained and a better solution demonstrated to them.

Why does this speaker cost $229 000? - Part 1

Why does arguably the world’s best in production speaker, the Magico Q7 Mk II, cost a staggering $229 000 per pair?


Why does this speaker cost $229 000? - Part 2

Today we turn our attention to the Magico Q7 Mk II‘s tweeter. Now in its fifth generation, the MBD5 is the result of over five years of exhaustive R and D combing exotic materials and precision engineering.


How much does a good home theatre or Hi-Fi cost?

To answer this, one first needs to define what constitutes a good system. A good system is one which allows the listener to become absorbed in music or be engrossed by a movie.