How much does a good home theatre or Hi-Fi cost?


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To answer this, one first needs to define what constitutes a good system. A good system is one which allows the listener to become absorbed in music or be engrossed by a movie.Mass market packaged home theatre and mini systems don’t have the ability to do this. A good Hi-Fi will entertain, allow you to connect to your music, relax you, make you want to dance, make you want to come home and push play. A good system doesn’t reduce music to the background but instead draws you in.

For a pure stereo Hi Fi our entry recommendation consists of:

Stereo system NADMission1

The above combination sells for R 23 850 vat incl. It is musical, punchy, dynamic, images, has a deep controlled bass and above all makes music. If one is looking at building up a system the above components are also sold individually allowing you to use existing equipment and upgrade over time.

For a good entry level home theatre system we recommend

Klipsch Yamaha1

The above home theatre sells for R 39 850 vat incl. It offers a level of performance streaks ahead of mass market home theatres and will allow you to appreciate a movie’s soundtrack well beyond most commercial cinemas.