Sound bars are lowering the bar!

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A significant aspect to the success of Audio Excellence has always been to recommend the most appropriate product/system to a client. Factors taken into account include performance expectations, feature requirements, integration into a space and ease of use. To this end, the bulk of our clients who initially requested a sound bar opted for a very different system after having its shortcomings explained and a better solution demonstrated to them.

Sound bars need to be placed in context. “Wagner’s 3rd law of TV performance”, states that the audio quality of a flat screen is inversely proportional to its depth. As TVs have become thinner their sound quality has deteriorated as lack of volume precludes the use of substantial speakers and amplification. Hence a new genre of audio component was created out of necessity. A sound bars primary function is to offer audio better than what comes from a modern TV and in particular to improve speech intelligibility. And that is where it ends. Sound bars are neither a substitute for a home theatre system nor a means to listen to music with any level of fidelity.

A convincing home theatre experience which places effects, music and speech in relation to the picture requires a minimum of 5 speakers and a dedicated sub woofer positioned appropriately. As this often poses a challenge to many living environments many will follow a simple path and add a sound bar to their new TV. However, through careful selection of speakers and design even the most problematic rooms can incorporate a cinema experience. (Case Study) We all expect high definition video for our viewing experience yet will accept mediocre audio out of ignorance. Before purchasing a sound bar you owe it to yourself and your family to visit Audio Excellence for sound advice.

Lowering the bar