Why does this speaker cost $229 000? - Part 1


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Why does arguably the world’s best in production speaker, the Magico Q7 Mk II, cost a staggering $229 000 per pair?

We’ll tackle the answer with a series of posts, starting with the Q7’s front baffle which is machined from a solid piece of aircraft aluminium weighing over 40kg. This step alone requires 10hrs of precision engineering excluding the final anodising process.

The video clip below shows the process for its smaller sibling the Q3.

The front visible curved baffle is only part of the complete Q7’s baffle assembly. Sitting behind it is a thick 31kg slab of aluminium onto which the two 12inch woofers and single 10inch midbass driver are bolted. Rather than attaching the midrange driver to either baffle it floats in its own sub structure. The only driver attached to the curved baffle is the tweeter. This approach prevents energy from being transmitted from one driver to another.

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