Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics, manufactures high performance speakers for every listening environment, from home theatre, in ceiling, outdoor, desktop, sound bar, to stereo systems. This makes Boston Acoustics an ideal choice for quality audio throughout a home.

As always, our first choice of speaker for optimum performance is a pair of floor standing speakers. The Boston A250 is the smallest floor standing speaker we’ve ever carried and has proven to balance quality audio without dominating a room. Many clients, who requested satellite speakers, have instead opted for Boston A series.

Boston A250

The M series, the latest addition to the Boston family, was created to deliver superior accurate and natural sound from a visually striking cabinet. We anticipate it to become a classic.

Boston M350

For discrete audio the Boston Bravo can’t be beat. It is mountable horizontally, vertically, in corners or off corners and with an integrated bracket allows for seamless installation.

Boston Bravo

The Boston Soundware is our Bose beater. Available in black or white and two size variations, the package includes 5 cube speakers, active sub woofer and mounting brackets.

Boston Soundware both

In ceiling speakers from Boston share the same sonic signature as their Hi-Fi speakers and are a perfect solution for areas which require quality background music.

HSI483 both

The Boston Voyager outdoor speakers have stood the test of time. Used in many coastal installations, exposed to the elements, they continue to perform and enhance an outdoor lifestyle.

Boston Voyager