Beginning in 1946, Paul Klipsch developed four principles which would become the basis of one of the most exciting speaker brands. High efficiency with low distortion, controlled directivity, flat frequency response, and wide dynamic range, are the foundation for a powerful and precise sound. For those who want to feel the power of live music, Klipsch is our obvious recommendation.

For the best mid budget home theatre system, the Klipsch Reference range is a tough act to follow. Punchy, dynamic and powerful: The most fun you will have with your clothes on.

Klipsch RF82 black

And if money is not an object, welcome to the Klipsch Palladium. A culmination of over 60 years of research and engineering achievements, the Palladium brings home theatre and music appreciation to another level. But be warned. DO NOT listen to this system if you can’t afford it. You’ll be depressed.

Klipsch Palladium