The World’s Best Speaker.

“Let’s indulge ourselves for a minute and imagine that we could conjure up the ideal loudspeaker without regard to physics or the limitations of today’s technology. Our fantasy allows us to specify the transient speed of a full-range ribbon, but with the weight behind those transients provided by moving-coil drivers. We’ll take the transparency of an electrostatic with the dynamic contrasts and “jump factor” of a horn design. Since this is all wishful thinking, we can specify no horn colorations to go with the horn-like sense of immediacy and dynamic verve. We’re free to order up the visceral bass weight and body of a large ported enclosure accompanied by the dynamic agility, textural resolution, and pitch definition provided by a small sealed enclosure. And while we’re at it, our dream speaker will exhibit no box coloration, have high sensitivity, and be an easy load for a power amplifier.

Although such a speaker is obviously merely a creation of our imaginations, there’s one loudspeaker that comes closer to that ideal than I ever thought I would hear. That loudspeaker is the Magico Q7.

The Q7 is the single most impressive product – in any category – that I’ve come across in more than 23 years of full-time reviewing. “– Robert Harley,  The Absolute Sound, January 2013

Numerically the Magico Q7 adds up to finest speaker ever crafted: 340 kg a piece, 101 machined components, 635 bolts in three-axis internal bracing, 3 continents to produce the drivers, 10 hours to machine the 40kg front baffle, 4 custom Nano-Tech drivers, 20Hz to 50KHz. The best.

Available exclusively from Audio Excellence.