NAD Electronics

NAD Electronics

A firm favourite with Audio Excellence clients, NAD consistently develops products which deliver where it counts most – performance. A brand with no frills, gimmicks, bells and whistles, everything goes into internal components of the highest quality, which are often only found in high end equipment. The result is one of the most musical budget audio systems available.

nad transformer

NAD manufactures traditional stereo amplifiers and cd players, home theatre amplifiers, blu ray players, streaming devices and docking stations. In particular, their stereo amplifiers have always been difficult to beat.

NAD 3020

Launched in 1978, the NAD 3020 stereo amplifier outperformed amplifiers costing significantly more and over the years became one the most successful pieces of real Hi-Fi. The spirit of the 3020 lives on in the NAD C316BEE, bringing high performance to a new generation of music fans.


At the top of the pile the NAD M2 direct digital drive amplifier is the most advanced amplifier developed by NAD. Over ten years in the making, the NAD M2 sets new standards for both measured performance and subjective musical listening.


Unlike many lesser theatre amplifiers, NAD theatre systems deliver a high level of musicality and performance. The same philosophy of their stereo products is applied to their cinema range, delivering quality power into real world speakers.

NAD 787

The rate of change in home theatre amplifier features can be disconcerting. In most instances to make use of newer technologies one would need to replace the entire amplifier. With NAD MDC boards, the main audio and video boards are removable and then replaced with higher spec versions. NAD is the only theatre amplifier where you won’t be buying into obsolescence.


The NAD VISO 1 is by far the best sounding integrated Ipod docking station we have heard. The same technology used in the state of the art NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier is utilised in the NAD VISO 1. By extracting a digital signal from the iPod, the VISO 1 bypasses the poor audio circuitry of the iPod. Three digital amplifiers are then used to power its internal speakers yielding a sound which is more Hi-Fi than other docking stations. Our highest recommendation

NAD Viso 1

The NAD D3020 is quite possible the most extraordinary audio component to be released in the age of digitally stored music. It is staggering what NAD has managed to squeeze into a 6cm by 18cm chassis. The D3020 incorporates a 24 bit/196kHz DAC, a computer sound card, a headphone amp, a wireless receiver and a power amp capable of delivering a dynamic power of 100W making it the perfect choice for anyone whose primary music sources are a PC or a smart device based.