NAD Viso HP50 – Headphones

NAD Viso HP50 – Headphones

R3 490 – On promotion. Was R4 690

The NAD Viso HP50 closed headphone ticks all the boxes for a delivering a perfect modern headphone; smooth detailed sound with tuneful bass, exceptional comfort, stylish finish, and ease of drive ensures compatibility with portable devices. It beats most headphones and is the first headphone we’ve heard that can rival the mighty Sennheiser Momentum.

.NAD Viso HP50


 Wall of fame

“For those of you looking for a great all-around headphone, run, don't walk, to your nearest NAD dealer and get one...right now.”

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 Sound and Vision


“the NAD Viso HP50 sounds as smooth as silk, with excellent detail retrieval, a big soundstage, and bass with the perfect balance of speed and low-end oomph”

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Av forums

“it has a real sense of scale to the performance and this is underpinned by genuinely excellent bass. The NAD manages to sound big and powerful but the bass doesn’t dominate the performance or sound artificial while it does so.”

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