Yamaha, the oldest company represented by us, is a unique audio corporation in that it manufactures the very product which we attempt to recreate in your home: musical instruments. 125 years in the making, Yamaha is the largest musical instrument producer in the world and has one of the most comprehensive ranges of professional and domestic audio available.


Yamaha’s line up of product covers every aspect of domestic audio. From simple desktop audio to sophisticated home theatre systems, every facet is covered, with standout components being their AV receivers, sound bars, and speakers.

Yamaha’s theatre amplifiers consistently deliver and have a perfect balance between performance, features, aesthetics and value for money. Highly recommendedYamaha 3020 white

With cabinets built like their pianos, the Yamaha Soavo and NS speakers incorporate unique aesthetics with one of the most neutral performances available. Well worth an audition.

Soavo 1

When space or spouse don’t allow for conventional audio, a Yamaha sound bar provides the highest level of home theatre performance from a single unit.

Yamaha sound bar white