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Klipsch Home Theatre
Multifunctional Simplicity 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Multifunctional Simplicity

An ideal home would have four functionally different audio systems…

Rotel RB1552II Amplifier
Rotel RB1552 – Power Amplifier 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Rotel RB1552 – Power Amplifier

R21 790
Rotel audio components slot perfectly into the gap between entry-level real Hi-Fi and high-end audio.

Conrad Johnson Amplifier
Conrad-Johnson Classic 120SE Tube Power Amplifier 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Conrad-Johnson Classic 120SE Tube Power Amplifier

Specifications alone can only give an objective insight into how an audio component may perform.

Motorised Cinema Conversion
Motorised Cinema Conversion 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Motorised Cinema Conversion

For a projection-based home theatre system, a dedicated, enclosed, windowless room, which completely inhibits any light from entering it, is always first prize, but often neither practical nor desirable.

Wharfedale Speaker Set
Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 & Wharfedale WH-S10E 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 & Wharfedale WH-S10E

Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 – R8 880
Wharfedale WH-S10E – R5 180
Possibly the best entry-level real home theatre speaker package on the market

Klipsch Cinema
Immersive Home Theatre 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Immersive Home Theatre

The benefits of dealing with Audio Excellence are perfectly showcased by this cinema.

SVS Subwoofer
SVS SB 1000 – Powered Sub 1024 576 Audio Excellence

SVS SB 1000 – Powered Sub

R14 950
When adding the last two pieces of a 100 piece puzzle, the picture gets subjectively better by more than 2%. The same is true when adding a subwoofer to a Hi-FI system.

9.4.5 Home Theatre System
9.4.5 Home Theatre 1024 576 Audio Excellence

9.4.5 Home Theatre

This spectacularly immersive 9.4.5 home theatre system by Audio Excellence features products from GoldenEar Technology, Emotiva Audio, Marantz, SVS, IsoTek Systems, and Supra Cables.

Klipsch Forte III Speakers
Klipsch Forte III Speakers 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Klipsch Forte III Speakers

R107 390
The Klipsch Forte III was originally released in 1985 and quickly established itself as one of Klipsch’s most popular speakers.

GoldenEar Triton Installation
Elegant Bass Solution 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Elegant Bass Solution

Client: “I would like two quality, powerful subwoofers for my newly renovated apartment, but have limited space”

Tidal Streaming Service
Super Streaming Service 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Super Streaming Service

To get the best possible sound from your audio system you need to start with the best possible version of the song/album.

Audio System Upgrade
Work in progress 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Work in progress

Part of the fun of upgrading your audio system is that your music collection becomes new again with further insight gained into your favourite recordings.