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Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 & Wharfedale WH-S10E

Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 & Wharfedale WH-S10E 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 – Possibly the best entry-level real home theatre speaker package on the market.

Wharfedale Crystal 4.3: R 11 890 | Wharfedale WH-S10E: R 5 490

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Rotel RB1552 – Power Amplifier

Rotel RB1552 – Power Amplifier 1024 576 Audio Excellence

R25 190

Rotel audio components slot perfectly into the gap between entry-level real Hi-Fi and high-end audio. The Rotel RB1552 perfectly exemplifies this. An exceptionally well-designed amplifier that delivers a musical 120W x2.  It’s the perfect upgrade from an integrated stereo amplifier or an addition to an AV amplifier that has pre-outs to drive your front speakers. Highly recommended.

Conrad-Johnson Classic 120SE Tube Power Amplifier

Conrad-Johnson Classic 120SE Tube Power Amplifier 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Specifications alone can only give an objective insight into how an audio component may perform. Only subjective listening can reveal how truly special some components are. In the case of Conrad-Johnson – “It just sounds right!” The Classic 120SE valve amplifier delivers 120W of pure pitch-perfect musicality beyond reproach.  

A very special amplifier.

SVS SB 1000 – Powered Sub

SVS SB 1000 – Powered Sub 1024 576 Audio Excellence

R 17 290 

When adding the last two pieces of a 100 piece puzzle, the picture gets subjectively better by more than 2%. The same is true when adding a subwoofer to a Hi-FI system. We’re only adding 20 Hz to 50 Hz of 20 000 different frequencies, but the overall result is substantially more impactful than anticipated.

The addition of an SVS SB1000 subwoofer to this client’s dedicated stereo system way exceeded their expectations. Music is an important part of this couple’s life with the bulk of their listening focused on all sub-genres of jazz and classical music. From organ music to big band jazz the SVS sub adds weight and depth elevating their listening experience to new levels.

Subwoofers have a reputation for being only for playing a “boomy” repetitive beat or noisy explosions in a home theatre. A quality, accurate subwoofer like the SVS SB1000 blows that myth out the water. Worth an audition.


Klipsch Forte III Speakers

Klipsch Forte III Speakers 1024 576 Audio Excellence

The Klipsch Forte III was initially released in 1985 and quickly established itself as one of Klipsch’s most popular speakers. So popular that requests from dealers and customers saw the reintroduction of it in 2017. The Forte III creates a massive sound from a relatively small footprint which it achieves with a 12-inch woofer, horn-loaded midrange and tweeter, and a rear 15-inch passive radiator. An Old School design and look with a fresh modern sound. It handles any genre of music, and at 99dB efficiency, a low powered tube amplifier can drive it to adequate volumes.

IsoTek EVO3 Polaris: Mains Filter

IsoTek EVO3 Polaris: Mains Filter 1024 576 Audio Excellence

R7 770

The IsoTek Polaris is a superb starting point in IsoTek Systems’ comprehensive range of mains filters and surge and lightning protection products.

Electricity is the raw material that your audio/video system uses to recreate music and movies. Unfortunately, our mains is polluted with induced frequencies from cellular communications, Wi-Fi, etc, which has a negative impact on the performance of our stereos and home theatres. Isotek deals with this by filtering out the noise and feeding clean power to our precious components.


Yamaha RX V485 Home Theatre Amplifier

Yamaha RX V485 Home Theatre Amplifier 1024 576 Audio Excellence

R10 980

Quite possibly the best entry-level AV amplifier currently available. For a small to medium-sized room which can only accommodate a 5.1 system, the Yamaha RX V485 will be up to the task. Full feature set including all major music streaming services, smart device control, and latest HDMI switching. Tremendous value and performance. 


Blast From The Past!!

Blast From The Past!! 1024 576 Audio Excellence

When the Yamaha YSP-1 was launched in 2005, it was so far ahead of the curve that there wasn’t even a term to describe it. The unit featured 2×4.5 and 40 x 2.5 inch powered drivers. Each of the 2.5-inch drivers had sophisticated DSP which simulated surround and fronts by creating a ‘beam’ and reflecting it off walls. This was truly a product ahead of its time and to this day Yamaha is the soundbar to beat.