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Super Streaming Service

Super Streaming Service 1024 576 Audio Excellence

To get the best possible sound from your audio system you need to start with the best possible version of the song/album. From a music streaming position, we’ll leave CD and LP for another discussion, the best quality available is from TIDAL. Unlike other streaming services, TIDAL allows a listener to stream at 3 different tiers, from medium quality MP3 to CD resolution and with the correct hardware at high-resolution MQA.

The first month at TIDAL is free. Try it. Make sure you select “Hi-Fi subscription” and compare.

Should I get a home theatre or a stereo system?

Should I get a home theatre or a stereo system? 1024 576 Audio Excellence

This depends on how the system is going to be used and what one’s performance expectations are. A dedicated two-channel stereo system will always deliver a more musically satisfying performance and a home theatre will provide a more dramatic and engaging cinema experience.

Ideally one would have two separate systems; in practice, most of our clients require a system that has a level of competence for both music and movies.

The real issue lies with the very different requirements that music and movies have. Movie soundtracks have a very wide dynamic range, dialogue and on-screen effects are mixed to play on a centre channel speaker, surround effects for ambience as well as directional steering, and have a dedicated bass channel. Music recordings are almost always mixed to play in two-channel stereo, are typically dynamically compressed and truly deep bass effects are rare.

In a music system, correct pitch and timbre are absolutely critical for instruments to sound realistic. This is less important in a theatre where speakers which can handle dynamics are necessary. In a theatre, we are also less critical of audio due to our attention often being focused on the screen. Audio in a theatre has a supportive role whereas audio in a stereo system needs to excel on its own.

For a home theatre, a sub woofer’s function is to supply room-shaking effects and for music one requires a tuneful accurate bass that integrates seamlessly with one’s speakers. If the above seems confusing, then the best advice is to come through to our showroom where we can discuss and clarify your requirements and demonstrate different options for you.

Over the years we have had many clients who initially approached us for a theatre but eventually purchased a stereo system and vice versa. Our objective is to supply you with the most balanced and appropriate system.

Wired for Sound

Wired for Sound 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Not the glamorous part of an installation, but one which we pride ourselves on, is ensuring correct cable dressing and management. This system has distributed audio and HD video, music streaming, network, and smart control.  

Technical Hi-Fi Term: Bi-Amplification

Technical Hi-Fi Term: Bi-Amplification 1024 576 Audio Excellence

In a bi-amplified speaker system, two separate frequency bandwidths are powered by independent amplifiers. e.g. tweeter and midrange drivers are powered by one channel in an amplifier and the bass driver by another. This typically translates to a more coherent sound as there is no muddling of bass and top frequencies in the amplifier.

The pictures show a KEF R series speaker bi-amplified by a Yamaha AV receiver. 

Technical Term: Crossover

Technical Term: Crossover 1024 576 Audio Excellence

A crossover accepts a full-range audio signal and splits it into various frequency bandwidths. This ensures that the correct signal goes to the speaker’s tweeter, midrange, and bass drivers. This also then refers to the ‘way’ of a speaker. A 2-way speaker’s frequency is split 2 way, a 3 way into tops, mid and bass and so on. (Way doesn’t refer to the number of drivers in the speaker)