9.4.5 Home Theatre

9.4.5 Home Theatre 1024 576 Audio Excellence

This spectacularly immersive 9.4.5 home theatre system by Audio Excellence features products from GoldenEar Technology, Emotiva Audio, Marantz, SVS, IsoTek Systems, and Supra Cables. Five powered subs, four overhead speakers, four side and two back speakers in a large room translates to a super realistic 360 degree sound field, solid impactful bass, scale, and a very happy client.

IsoTek EVO3 Polaris: Mains Filter

IsoTek EVO3 Polaris: Mains Filter 1024 576 Audio Excellence

R7 770

The IsoTek Polaris is a superb starting point in IsoTek Systems’ comprehensive range of mains filters and surge and lightning protection products.

Electricity is the raw material that your audio/video system uses to recreate music and movies. Unfortunately, our mains is polluted with induced frequencies from cellular communications, Wi-Fi, etc, which has a negative impact on the performance of our stereos and home theatres. Isotek deals with this by filtering out the noise and feeding clean power to our precious components.


B&W CM Home Theatre System

B&W CM Home Theatre System 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Recent Audio Excellence home theatre installation of B&W CM series speakers, Yamaha AV processor, 5 x 200W Rotel power amplifier, JL audio subwoofer, Isotek power conditioner, and Supra cables.

Client is thrilled with the results and couldn’t stop grinning during his favourite movie! (Clapton also rocked!)

Next stop: Bigger picture to make it a true home theatre. Watch this space