The importance of dealing with an audio expert

The importance of dealing with an audio expert 1000 563 Audio Excellence

At Audio Excellence we encourage you to involve us at the planning and design stage of your new home, renovation or addition.

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Rotel RB1552 – Power Amplifier

Rotel RB1552 – Power Amplifier 1024 576 Audio Excellence

R25 190

Rotel audio components slot perfectly into the gap between entry-level real Hi-Fi and high-end audio. The Rotel RB1552 perfectly exemplifies this. An exceptionally well-designed amplifier that delivers a musical 120W x2.  It’s the perfect upgrade from an integrated stereo amplifier or an addition to an AV amplifier that has pre-outs to drive your front speakers. Highly recommended.

Small Space Supersized!

Small Space Supersized! 1024 576 Audio Excellence

This theatre proves that even a small space can accommodate an immersive cinema experience. A 2.6m wide projection screen with 11 speakers (3 front, 4 rear, 4 overhead, 1 subwoofer) would seem overwhelming, but with accurate calibration, the system performs with a sense of being in a much bigger space. There really are no excuses for not having great sound in one’s home.

B&W CM Home Theatre System

B&W CM Home Theatre System 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Recent Audio Excellence home theatre installation of B&W CM series speakers, Yamaha AV processor, 5 x 200W Rotel power amplifier, JL audio subwoofer, Isotek power conditioner, and Supra cables.

Client is thrilled with the results and couldn’t stop grinning during his favourite movie! (Clapton also rocked!)

Next stop: Bigger picture to make it a true home theatre. Watch this space