Intelligent Component Choice

Intelligent Component Choice 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Creating good sound in open-plan environments can be challenging. Here a stunning pair of KEF R series floor-standing speakers fit perfectly into a client’s home with equipment and bass reinforcement concealed.

Technical Hi-Fi Term: Bi-Amplification

Technical Hi-Fi Term: Bi-Amplification 1024 576 Audio Excellence

In a bi-amplified speaker system, two separate frequency bandwidths are powered by independent amplifiers. e.g. tweeter and midrange drivers are powered by one channel in an amplifier and the bass driver by another. This typically translates to a more coherent sound as there is no muddling of bass and top frequencies in the amplifier.

The pictures show a KEF R series speaker bi-amplified by a Yamaha AV receiver. 

Yamaha RX V485 Home Theatre Amplifier

Yamaha RX V485 Home Theatre Amplifier 1024 576 Audio Excellence

R10 980

Quite possibly the best entry-level AV amplifier currently available. For a small to medium-sized room which can only accommodate a 5.1 system, the Yamaha RX V485 will be up to the task. Full feature set including all major music streaming services, smart device control, and latest HDMI switching. Tremendous value and performance. 


Blast From The Past!!

Blast From The Past!! 1024 576 Audio Excellence

When the Yamaha YSP-1 was launched in 2005, it was so far ahead of the curve that there wasn’t even a term to describe it. The unit featured 2×4.5 and 40 x 2.5 inch powered drivers. Each of the 2.5-inch drivers had sophisticated DSP which simulated surround and fronts by creating a ‘beam’ and reflecting it off walls. This was truly a product ahead of its time and to this day Yamaha is the soundbar to beat.

B&W CM Home Theatre System

B&W CM Home Theatre System 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Recent Audio Excellence home theatre installation of B&W CM series speakers, Yamaha AV processor, 5 x 200W Rotel power amplifier, JL audio subwoofer, Isotek power conditioner, and Supra cables.

Client is thrilled with the results and couldn’t stop grinning during his favourite movie! (Clapton also rocked!)

Next stop: Bigger picture to make it a true home theatre. Watch this space

Elegance and Power

Elegance and Power 1024 576 Audio Excellence

Klipsch Reference Premiere home theater system installed at this client’s extraordinary coastal home. Speakers are driven by an Emotiva power amplifier and processing courtesy of Yamaha.