The importance of dealing with an audio expert

The importance of dealing with an audio expert

The importance of dealing with an audio expert 1000 563 Audio Excellence

At Audio Excellence we encourage you to involve us at the planning and design stage of your new home, renovation or addition.

With over thirty years of experience, the benefit of this is significant. Audio systems are open to interpretation, which means that a thorough analysis of your needs and expectations is important. Equally important is demonstrating and discussing possibilities with you which you otherwise might not have considered.

We received a call from a frustrated homeowner whose multi-room audio system, which had been fitted by another dealer nine years ago, had proved underwhelming and problematic over time. After discussions with the clients and a complete assessment of the system, recommendations were made and executed.

The client’s main living space of open plan kitchen/dining/lounge had a single pair of in-ceiling speakers driven by a small amplifier. This at best could provide soft background music over a limited area. To appreciate music in such a large space requires speakers of an appropriate proportion, correctly positioned and driven by a powerful quality amplifier. A pair of Klipsch RF7 III speakers driven by a Rotel RB1590 power amplifier now fills the room with dynamic detailed music!

Prior to our intervention, the clients needed to turn the volume up in their entertainment area to hear music on the patio and garden. This is never a good idea as it results in a scenario of music being too loud in one space and barely audible in another. We created an additional zone with a pair of Klipsch AW 650 outdoor speakers driven by a Rotel power amplifier.

Four basic in-ceiling speakers had previously been fitted in the bar/entertainment area. Sound quality for background music was acceptable but simply couldn’t deliver sufficient volume and impact when things became festive. These speakers have now been replaced with 8 inch Klipsch Pro 180 in-ceiling speakers driven by a 100W Rotel power amplifier. The addition of a powered SVS subwoofer adds depth and fullness to the music simply not obtainable with just in-ceiling speakers.

Music now flows through this home with each area delivering as required. From conscious listening, exercising in the garden to festive times in the bar.